GLS Lighting

  • lel lighting chroma db4 med
  • lel lighting bb2
  • led lighting visage led par375 pro
  • led lighting showtec pixeltrack pro


With their lower power consumption and heat outputs, LED products are becoming ever popular in all sectors of the lighting industry.  GLS Lighting offers a wide and continually updated range of LED products so keeping them at the forefront of suppliers to an ever-changing market place.



  •  Clay Paky Stormy CC
     RGBW strobe / blinder
  •  I-Pix BB4 Washlight
  •  ChromaQ ColorBlock DB4


  •  Pixeltrack Pro T84 1m batten
  •  Pixeltrack II 800mm batten
  •  Visage 3W compact LED par
  •  7Q5 7x5W RGBA/RGBW
     Slimline LED par
  •  Ivision 3x1W LED birdie


·         I-Pix BB4 Washlight

·         I-Pix BB2 Washlight

·         ChromaQ ColorBlock DB4

·         Pixeltrack Pro T84 1m batten

·         Pixeltrack II 800mm batten


·         Visage 3W compact LED par

·         Eurolight Ultrabright 10mm LED par

·         Ivision 3x1W LED birdie