GLS Lighting

  • generic lighting thomas molefay lites
  • generic lighting thomas molefay 8lite
  • generic lighting ip64 10deg followspot
  • generic lighting festoons
  • generic lighting etc source 4
  • generic lighting cantata source 4


In order to service our theatrical and corporate clients as well as the old favourite rock and roll shows, GLS Lighting carries a full range of generic lighting products, a few of which are detailed here.

In addition to the industry favourites, a complete range of products designed specifically for outdoor use is also available, so the look of your event can be achieved both outside and in.


  • Par64 single/floorcan/bar6/bar4/ACL
  • Par56 single/floorcan/bar4
  • ETC Source4 Par
  • ETC Source4 750W Profile
  • Selecon SPX Zoom Profile
    (15-30deg / 25-50deg)
  • Fresnel/Flood/PC
  • Molefay 8lite/4lite/4lite linear/2lite
  • Par16 Birdie


  • Robert Juliat Korrigan HMI 1200 followspot
  • Pani 1202 1200W HMI followspot
  • Source4 750W followspot


  • 150W/400W MBI fitting with coloured lamps
  • 500W Halogen flood
  • Outdoor IP rated Par64
  • IP rated LED pealight strings
  • Festoon strings