GLS Lighting

  • dimming distro 5
  • dimming distro 1
  • dimming distro 6
  • dimming distro 2
  • dimming distro 3
  • dimming distro 4


The Avolites ART 2000 T4/T2 dimmer range is undeniably the workhorse of the touring dimmers today, but alongside these, GLS Lighting also stocks a variety of smaller configuration racks to offer flexibility for each and every eventuality.

The Anytronics 12way +9hot multipurpose rack, for example, includes a DMX splitter, 12 channels of dimming, and 9 hotpower outs all in a very small rack - so is absolutely ideal for conference use.


  • Avolites ART2000 T4 /T2
  • Anytronics 24way patchable dimmer
  • Anytronics 12way +9hot multipurpose rack
  • Anytronics 6/12 dimmer


  • Zero88 18way/6way Betapack
  • Zero88 AlphaPack/AlphaPack2


  • 78way hotpower distro
  • 54way hotpower distro
  • 21way hotpower distro
  • full range of generic distro